​​​M U T T    R E S C U E ,   I N C .


​Thursday - Sunday,  January 18-21,  12pm - 6pm 

​Call to come and visit Claudia, Duke & Blinker who are available to be seen now!!



102 Grove Street
​Chicopee, MA 01020


Dogs and Puppies are $500 which includes:

Up-to-date Rabies with Certificate (unless puppy is too young)
Distemper Combo with Paperwork
Bordetella with Paperwork
Spay/Neuter with Paperwork
Health Certificate To Be Able To Leave Their State
Transportation Fee
Food (while on transport and, also, in our care)
​48-Hour Isolation Fee
Second Health Certificate Post 48 Hours
Care and needs of the dog until they find their new furever home.

If you are interested in adopting, please click the ​"Application"  link above, fill out and ​"submit."

After an online application has been approved for a particular dog/pup and if you wish to put a hold on that animal, a $50 deposit is required in order for Mutt Rescue, Inc. to hold that pup only up through the first day of the adoption even t.  There is a "helping Animal/Donate/Deposit" tab above in which the deposit can be made with your being able to write in the dog/pup's name.  That deposit is refundable up until the end of the
first day of the event upon a written note to Muttrescueofmassachusetts@gmail.com.​  When you arrive to pick up your pup/dog on the first day of the event, and  if you see a different dog/pup that would be a better fit for the dog and the family, you are welcome to switch if that other dog/pup is available.  If you put a deposit down but are unable to pick up your new furry family member on the first day of the event and request reimbursement, please email muttrescueofmassachusetts@gmail.com  before the first event day closing.  Mutt Rescue, Inc. has the right of refusal to not adopt out a dog to a particular person or family.

"Finding  Your  New  Best  Friend"

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"Find Your New Best Friend"

​Come Visit and Spend Some Time with All the Dogs and Get To Know Them.  Check the dates and times above!


As I get to know each dog personally, I will write more on a daily basis!


​​Rex is a 1 -2 year old male Lab Mix and weighs 
​52 pounds.  His little stubby is always wagging.  He is so happy go lucky!



​​​​Bo is a male 7 year old Hound Mix and weighs 67 pounds.  He is such a quiet, easy-going boy.  He just wants to cuddle with someone.


​​ ​​Claudia is a female 4 year old Yellow Lab/Mountain Cur mix .  She is very outgoing and friendly.  She loves to curl up in your lap and cuddle.  She has such a cute silliness about her.  She would be best as the only dog. ​​


Duke is a one-year old Great Dane mix.  He is a good-sized boy.  He is very sweet and loving.  He does need running room.  He can play rough.  Although he loves kids, he is a big boy, so he can get rough and knock little one's down, so older children would fit best.  He still needs some obedience training because he is still young.  He was only put in the kennel so we could get some photos because he loves to run around.


​​Collin is a very sweet male Border Collie/German Shepherd mix who is 10 months old.  He loves children and other dogs and has lots of energy for a loving family to share all his love with.  He came from a divorce situation (sadly).



​​​Star is a female Black Lab mix who is 6 months old.  She is so gentle and loving.




​​​​Sadie is the tan  Lab mix who is 5  1/2 - 6 months old and is a female.  She weighs 33 pounds.  She wins your heart just looking at her.




​​ Benji is a 3 year old Wire Jack Russell. 
​***He will need potty training***  He is spunky and lively and loves company!



​​Barbara is a female 9 - 10 month old 1 year Lab Mix and weighs 31 pounds.  She is such a happy girl, adorable and gentle. 


​​Doby is a male 2 year old Phoraoh Hound Mix and weighs 36 pounds.  His tail won't stop wagging and just looks for anyone around that he could get some pets from.


​Riley is a 6 year old Lab who weighs 65 pounds.​.  Loves other dogs.  Very friendly.  Former owner decided to get married and gave up his dog.​​  She is so easy, laid back and docile!



Donner is a male 6 month old Hound Mix and weighs 39 pounds.​.  That face of his melts your heart.  Sweet boy!


​​Melinda is a female 3 year old Beagle/Hound Mix and weighs 40 pounds.  Such a quiet, easy going girl.  Very quiet and wants to cuddle.



​​Ashton is a male 5 month old Lab Mix and is sibling of Winter, Ransom and Shelly.  He is a very shy boy but loves to quietly lay in a child's lap.


​​Winter is male 4 -5 month old Lab Mix and is the sibling of Ashton, Ransom and Shelly.  He is raring to go and once he saw his first snowfall, couldn't stop running around so happily in it with his siblings.



Ransom is a male 4 - 5 month old Lab Mix and is the sibling of Ashton, Winter and Shelly. Ransom is on the right in the top picture.​​  Such a good puppy. Enjoys people and other dogs to play with.  Children make him happy, too.  


​Shelly is a female 4 - 5 month old Lab mix who the sibling of Ashton, Winter and Ransom. 
​She is on the left on the top picture.  Just a bit shy at first but comes out of her shell fast and is loveable and fun.