​​​M U T T    R E S C U E ,   I N C .


​Thursday - Sunday,  January 18-21,  12pm - 6pm 

​Call to come and visit Claudia, Duke & Blinker who are available to be seen now!!



102 Grove Street
​Chicopee, MA 01020


Dogs and Puppies are $500 which includes:

Up-to-date Rabies with Certificate (unless puppy is too young)
Distemper Combo with Paperwork
Bordetella with Paperwork
Spay/Neuter with Paperwork
Health Certificate To Be Able To Leave Their State
Transportation Fee
Food (while on transport and, also, in our care)
​48-Hour Isolation Fee
Second Health Certificate Post 48 Hours
Care and needs of the dog until they find their new furever home.

If you are interested in adopting, please click the ​"Application"  link above, fill out and ​"submit."

After an online application has been approved for a particular dog/pup and if you wish to put a hold on that animal, a $50 deposit is required in order for Mutt Rescue, Inc. to hold that pup only up through the first day of the adoption even t.  There is a "helping Animal/Donate/Deposit" tab above in which the deposit can be made with your being able to write in the dog/pup's name.  That deposit is refundable up until the end of the
first day of the event upon a written note to Muttrescueofmassachusetts@gmail.com.​  When you arrive to pick up your pup/dog on the first day of the event, and  if you see a different dog/pup that would be a better fit for the dog and the family, you are welcome to switch if that other dog/pup is available.  If you put a deposit down but are unable to pick up your new furry family member on the first day of the event and request reimbursement, please email muttrescueofmassachusetts@gmail.com  before the first event day closing.  Mutt Rescue, Inc. has the right of refusal to not adopt out a dog to a particular person or family.

"Finding  Your  New  Best  Friend"

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About Us

​​Hello and thank you for visiting my site.  My name is  Lori Jerusik, owner  and founder of Mutt Rescue, Inc., and I am ALL ABOUT THE ANIMALS!  This is the message I teach, mirror and live by.  I am more than just a Groomer, Dog Obedience Trainer and Dog Behavior Specialist and owner of my doggie daycare, I am a passionate person DEDICATED to helping animals.

I went to a fabulous K-9 School (CT K-9) in 1995 to become certified in grooming and wanted to give myself a birthday present, so I started MUTT CUTS, LLC out of my garage on January 1, 1996.  Shortly after, I grew and started a mobile grooming service until I grew out of that and needed to secure myself with a store-front business here in Chicopee, MA.  I then decided  that I needed to go back to CT K-9 School in Newington, CT and develop my business further to become an obedience trainer and behavioral specialist, so I can help people with their dog's behavior issues.

I realized I needed to expand even more due to the many people telling me how upset they were having to keep their dog(s) in a crate or kennel while they were at work all day.  This prompted me to create my doggie daycare program, which has made so many people and their dogs very happy. 

The next addition to my facility came from when I discovered the many, many animals that were abandoned unnecessarily, thrown out, abused, kept outside chained with 2 feet of movement room, homelessness and seeing them in high-kill shelters and not given even 24 hours to find a new family.  This broke my heart and gave me numerous sleepless nights to which I built an isolation and quarantine to help the unfortunate animals grow and survive.  I was renting in a building that was sold to another company so many of us had to relocate.  I was approved for a loan from Greenfield Cooperative Bank which allowed me to draw up and get all my permits and hire people to build a small but much needed building for my Mutt Cuts and Rescue.  I am very proud to say that I have become a 501C3 non-profit rescue which I aptly named Mutt Rescue, Inc.  This will allow me to continue to pursue my dreams and ambitions by rescuing the many needy animals from abusive situations, high-kill shelters and those left homeless and abandoned.  Finding furever homes for those many, many remarkable homeless dogs and cats is why I needed to become a rescue and work extremely hard to have my own building so that when the dogs and puppies arrive, they will never have to be removed. 

CONSTRUCTION HAS FINISHED!!  Mutt Cuts, LLC and Mutt Rescue, Inc. can now open its doors to love!!  The Mutt Rescue front half of the building has a 48-hour isolation room, a quarantine room and a shelter.  It took a long time but now these sweet animals I rescue have a warm  home until I adopt them out to a furever home!  It is a very small building, but I was able to do this not knowing how to write grants but was able to obtain a loan due to the bank having such faith in this business.

ALSO, I am happy to announce that my next goal is to add a small swimming pool for dogs with disabilities.  The many benefits to aqua therapy include, but are not limited to, post-operative rehabilitation, arthritis, disabilities, prevention of injury, retraining due to nerve damage or deficiencies, pain control, general conditioning, intensive conditioning for sport dogs and hydro-massage.  Coming soon.

My love and compassion for animals has aided me throughout my life to return the unconditional love they have given and continue to give myself and all of you.